• Children


    • Do you receive calls from the school about your child’s misbehavior or poor grades?
    • Does your child frequently have outbursts or tantrums?
    • Does your child self harm or talk about suicide?
    • Do you struggle to get your child to cooperate with chores or homework?
    • Is your child struggling with your separation, divorce or death in the family?

    Understanding the fact that all children misbehave is not hard to do. Trying to figure out why is a whole different story. Children may not have the words or tools necessary to communicate how they are feeling or what they are experiencing. This can lead to a child acting out and a parent feeling helpless and discouraged. We can help you decode your child’s behavior while providing space for them to process in their natural language of play.

    Play therapy is to children what talk therapy is to adults. Our child-centered therapists can help your child naturally resolve some of their frustrations using a variety of therapy techniques such as play, sandtray, art, music and movement therapies.