• Family Counseling

    Family Counseling

    • Are your family members struggling to get along?
    • Are you frustrated with behavior and academic issues?
    • Do you feel overwhelmed at trying to balance attention to all children in the home?
    • Has there been a major change that impacts the entire family (relocation, new baby, separation, divorce, remarriage, blending of families)?
    • Has there been a traumatic experience, illness or death in the family?

    Ideally, family is our soft, safe place to land where we can freely express ourselves, always feel heard and supported, and be re-energized. In reality, the stressors of life – working, school, activities, finances and changes in our environment – cause us to operate at our not so best.

    We get it. We have all been there. You’re not alone.

    Whether it was a death in the family, a significant change or everyday issues like behavioral, academic and sibling rivalry, our therapists are ready to help your family increase understanding among members, heal and become more resilient.