• Open Relationships

    Open Relationships

    • Are you in a non-monogamy relationship and thought about counseling?
    • Are you considering opening up your relationship?
    • Does one of you want an open relationship and the other doesn’t?
    • Are you wondering how to navigate jealousy, agreements and boundaries?

    For those who are in a non-monogamous relationship or are considering being non-monogamous, it can be challenging to find a therapist who can help. As the definitions of love, commitment and connection expand, it makes sense that how we view and engage in relationships evolves as well. For many people, a traditional, one partner relationship is not a good fit. We recognize this and are here to support you without bias or judgement.

    Tammy Fisher has worked with a variety of relationship styles and will help you navigate the challenges of your unique situation. She sees a limited number of clients in person in her New Braunfels office, but also provides virtual sessions throughout Texas. For those who
    are experiencing difficulties finding a counselor with a specialty in open relationships in their area or simply prefer the convenience or privacy, virtual is a great option.

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