• Jasmine Wilson, MSFT

    Supervised by Tammy Fisher, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S

    Relationships can get difficult, and at times, obstacles might seem impossible to overcome.

    Hi, I’m Jasmine Wilson, a Marriage and Family Therapist. I specialize in helping couples and families who have difficulty confronting issues especially when stress is high and communication strategies are ineffective. I strive to create an environment where client feel safe, supported and validated in their unique experiences.

    As a Navy veteran and wife to someone still on active duty, I have personal experience with many unique challenges of military life including being on both sides of deployments, raising a family, multiple relocations, culture changes, uncertainty and staying connected to a partner through these times.

    I help clients step out of the fog to begin identifying and enhancing healthy behaviors so they can communicate effectively and resolve ongoing conflict. I aim to challenge each individual with thought provoking questions to confront negative thought patterns and develop the skills necessary to approach life from a clear view of self. To help engrain these new skills, we will practice them in session through role play and enactment.

    Are you ready to work on restoration of trust, deepened bonds, improved communication, and personal growth? If so, I look forward to meeting with you and beginning a journey of restoration and discovery.


    BS: University California Riverside
    MS: National University
    MSMFT: Capella University

    Licenses and Certifications:



    Military Life/Transitions

    Areas of Expertise:

    Communication Struggles
    Parenting Concern
    Military Life – transitions, deployments, relocations, parenting


    $100 Individual
    $125 Couples/Families