• Michael Allen, MDiv
    LPC- Associate

    Hello and welcome! My name is Mike Allen and I am a therapist. I help adults who find themselves locked into unproductive behavior patterns which have negative impact upon themselves and the people around them. During my twenty years as an Army Chaplain I was known to be easy to talk with and able to create a safe place for individuals, couples, and families to explore themselves and their situations. This allowed them to develop new skills and responses which led to more fulfilling lives enriched with deep and meaningful relationships.

    Life can be tough. Each one of us has learned behaviors and created relationship styles which help us best survive what life throws at us. We picked up some of these behaviors from our family as we were growing up. Other patterns of behavior we learned on our own during times of trauma and difficulty. When we feel threatened or stressed, we can get stuck into reacting in old styles rather than responding in more productive manners.
    Survival responses impact our most intimate relationships. Life can feel even more difficult when relationships with loved ones have become stretched, strained or even torn. Often we get stuck in an Attack-Defend cycle with the most loved people in our lives. These Attack-Defend cycles typically have roots in our survival responses of Fight,Flight, or Freeze.

    I help individuals to identify when their unconscious reactions to survive are sabotaging their ability to thrive. I help individuals and couples to feel the connection between their brain and their body so that they can identify when they are in survival mode. I teach my clients how to relax from this survival mode so that more meaningful interactions can take place with those around them. During sessions, clients practice Speaker-Listener techniques and other interventions which aid in communication.


    I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Howard Payne University and a Master of Divinity degree from Southern Seminary and most recently, a Master of Arts in Counseling from Wayland Baptist University.

    Licenses and Certifications:

    I have received additional training in Gottman Marriage Therapy which includes Addiction, Affairs and Trauma counseling. I have led over 30 marriage retreats for Soldiers and Family Members. I have conducted numerous Critical Incident Stress Debriefings for medical personnel during times of crisis and loss.


    • Adults
    • Couples
    • Men’s Issues

    Areas of expertise:

    • Communication issues
    • Traditional/monogamous relationships
    • Infidelity/affairs
    • Traumatic events
    • Divorce
    • Addiction

    Fun Facts:

    I love to dance two-step, waltz and polka. I also enjoy swing dancing.


    • $100 Individual
    • $125 Couples/Families