• Sandi Frischmuth, MA

    Hey there!
    Reaching out for help can be hard and sometimes intimidating, but I am glad you are here. Whether it be a large traumatic event, or a smaller life adjustment, we can all need support in finding our balance when life throws us and our relationships for a curve. I am here to help with that process. Everyone has strengths they already possess. Together we find the things that are working well and use that to build on the areas where support is needed. Helping families see each other’s perspectives and point of view is a huge goal in finding compassion for one another. My clients would tell you I am genuine and that I truly care about finding the essential pieces that will help you and your family feel at peace again.
    I love working with energetic, talkative and interactive children who are struggling with behavior and emotional issues. My passion is to help children find their worth and their power to use in a productive, healthy way. Just because they are small doesn’t mean their voice or positive impact on the world has to be.
    I also have a passion for helping couples work through infidelity and other relationship traumas – whether it is to reconcile or separate amicably. If already separated or divorced, I help parents learn to co-parent positively for their children.
    Before joining Visionary Family Counseling, I worked as a Family Therapist at Austin Recovery where I gained experience in working with substance use disorders. Including family in our treatment program was imperative. I believe Family/Couples counseling can be beneficial by allowing everyone involved to participate in the healing process.


    Master of Arts in Professional Counseling with Marriage, Couples, Families focus from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas
    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minor in Family & Child Development from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas
    LPC Associate, NCC (Nationally Certified Counselor)


    • Children
    • Couples/Relationships
    • Substance Use Disorders

    Areas of expertise:

    • Sand tray and play therapy
    • Parenting/Co Parenting/Family Issues
    • Communication Issues
    • Infidelity
    • Separation
    • Substance Abuse
    • Violence trauma


    • $100 Individual
    • $125 Couples/Families